Inspired Training PDX | About Ashley Bracelin


We are all different in regards to how we look on the outside. However, many share the same goals, struggles, failures, successes, and inspirations. Whether your health inspires you, your family and friends, or simply your jean size....We all share the desire to be inspired to succeed. 

My biggest inspiration is to INSPIRE YOU! I will inspire you to be a BETTER YOU based on your fitness level and goals. 

My purpose in life is to help people. I thrive off giving people energy, feeding off of their energy, and making people feel good about themselves. 

Gym-phobia is a huge factor to many, which is something I can relate to. My goal for each client is to feel comfortable in their workout space and eliminate the distractions. For this reason, I utilize a studio space that offers PRIVATE training and small group classes. Post training session or class, my clients feel confident, uplifted and empowered, never defeated. I'm not a drill sergeant, I'm your motivator.

I was an athlete my whole life. When I wasn't on the volleyball and basketball court, or the softball field, I was working out. Honestly, I have been passionate about fitness ever since I was little girl. I always knew I was meant to be in the sports/fitness industry. Playing sports and performing/instructing exercise is where I feel the most confident in life. 

Through the years, I also learned that relating, empathizing, sympathizing and connecting with people lit me up even more. I wouldn't be happy or content in life if I wasn't helping someone in someway, everyday.

I love living an active lifestyle, being outdoors, traveling, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family.


  • Bachelor's in Exercise Science: Oregon State University
  • Personal Trainer & Group Exercise: American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • CPR/AED certified
  • 7+ years of experience training and instructing


I have been trained by Ashley for many years, both privately and in her group classes. She is not what you would expect of a typical trainer; she is fun, motivating, caring and passionate about her clients and her work. Regardless of your ability level, Ashley makes you feel that you can achieve any goal. She creates fun and unique work outs that are challenging but entertaining. She is one of the kindest people I know and her smile and laugh is infectious when class starts. Her positive and uplifting attitude truly makes you feel excited to work out! She is an amazing person and friend and I always enjoy her classes.  

-Anna Dukehart

Private Event Manager at the Oregon Golf Club

"My sister first introduced me to Ashley's workout classes saying, "She could be a fitness instructor for the stars!"  I thought to myself, "As in, celebrities?  This might be worth checking out."  I was interested, but also intimidated.  I don't workout.  I definitely don't lift weights, and the thought of running gives me flashbacks from elementary school of running the dreaded mile.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but what I found was surprising.  Ashley's classes are actually fun.  Instead of feeling like you're dying, you feel like you can do it, as if you're being pulled along.  I can't tell if it's the great beats, the varied exercises (no two classes are alike), or the great instruction that motivates me to push myself and believe I can do more.  It's inspiring.  I drive across town to go to these classes and let me say, it is well worth it!

I'm currently participating in a 30 day nutrition/fitness challenge organized by Ashley.  She provided clear nutritional guidelines including shopping lists, recipes, example meals, and a variety of workout classes.  I can honestly say it's changing my life.  There are physical benefits, as I've lost 6 pounds so far and am leaner and stronger than I've been in a long time.  But I also have more energy, sleep better, wake up feeling rested, and am more motivated and able to stay on top of household responsibilities.  Though it started out as a shock to my system, this month has been an incredible time of physical and emotional detox.  My body feels strong, my mind is clear, the fridge is full of prepared meals, and my home is clean and organized.  It's amazing when everything comes together!  


Ashley is awesome and her classes are fantastic.  I'm so glad she's here in Portland, and not in Hollywood with the stars!"

-Vivian Nguyen

I have always had a love/hate relationship with exercise, mostly hate, to be quite honest. The first class I took from Ashley, I could barely do a push-up let alone make it through the entire class and complete all the exercises.  I actually told myself I couldn't do it and wouldn't go again.  I think what changed was something inside of me that made me realize I wasn't going to get any stronger or improve my life by not pushing one else was going to.  So, I gave it a try again and haven't really looked back since.  That was about 2 years ago.  I haven't always been good about sticking to my weekly workout routine, but have tried to make it to classes as often as possible. I have to laugh a little when I look back now, not because there is anything shameful about not being able to do a single push-up, but because I have come so far and can easily do 20+ now.  I have been to MANY workout classes...I mean, who really can really motivate themselves well on their own? Ok, maybe I just have this problem.  That said, Ashley's classes are so different.  She never yells at you, never makes you feel bad if you can't do anything, and actually makes working out fun. Yes, fun! She is so creative and her workouts are never exactly the same.  She has a degree in exercise and sports science and really knows what she is talking about; her workouts make sense.  In her classes I notice people of all ages and body types consistently showing up and working hard.  The environment she creates is very welcoming for anyone whether you look like a body-builder or the opposite.  Some of the little things that I really enjoy about working out with Ashley: her music (it's right on), her attitude (she likes what she does and it shows), and the fact that she actually does the workouts with you!!!  How fit she is really does inspire me; she practices what she preaches and it's refreshing because she does it in such a humble way.

-Michelle Nguyen

Ashley is truly an amazing trainer! She is extremely knowledgable in the field of fitness and nutrition and goes above and beyond to help her clients to achieve their goals.Ashley is so positive during workouts and encouraging that workouts go quickly and are enjoyable. She pushes you to go as hard as you can but keeps you upbeat and feeling good. Ashley has provided nutritiously sound meal plans and works with her clients to make sure they work for them. She considers all health and nutritional allergies when making meal plans. Ashley's workouts are fast paced and never boring; she keeps you engaged, moving and your heart rate up.Since working with Ashley, I feel less tired, have more energy, don't get winded quickly and have lost weight and inches. I would highly recommend Ashley Severns as a trainer to anyone wishing to achieve their fitness goals.

-Emily Class

I have always been active and exercise has always been an important part of my life, but I had fallen into a slump.  Stresses of work and life took over, I didn't make the time to work out and I was not eating very healthy. I wasn't fitting into any of my clothes and my energy levels were very low. My goals were to feel strong and healthy, tone muscle, increase energy and lose weight.

Since training with Ashley, I'm proud to say that I have lost weight, gained muscle tone and my energy levels are high!  Within 30 days of taking Ashley's classes consistently and following her nutrition and cardio plan, I lost over pounds 5 pounds and lost a total of 6 inches. I maxed out at 15 push-ups and could hold a plank a little over 1 minute, but after 30 days with Ashley, I increased my push-ups to 30 and held a plank for 2 minutes and 35 seconds!

Ashley keeps me accountable for eating healthy and getting my workouts in.  In fact, I can't stand it when I miss a class or workout now!  A few months ago, you would never hear me saying that I missed working out.  Ashley always has a great workout planned and she makes sure that no two classes are the same.  She also gives ideas for workouts outside of class.  She wrote two cardio workouts that I now live by, which is monumental knowing how badly I hated cardio before.  Ashley's high energy, great personality and positive outlook make working out with her fun, yet still challenging.  Once you've trained with Ashley, you will know you have worked out! 

Thanks to Ashley, I am motivated to workout again and I actually enjoy it. It feels good to see results and even feels good to sweat.  I have lost weight, gained muscle tone and, most importantly, I feel strong and healthy.

-Sarah P.

HR Manager

My experiences taking Ashley's classes and participating in her 30 Day Challenge have been wonderful.  She is honestly the best fitness coach I have ever taken classes from.   She challenges each individual regardless of their fitness level, by offering higher and lower level difficulty modifications.  Her classes are great for both men and women, as the intensity level is determined by personally selected weight resistance and effort.  It is always a great workout, and I never leave thinking that the class was too easy or repetitive.  She understands the human anatomy and creates fresh workouts that are good for the body as a whole. She is encouraging, friendly, humble, and a great example with her own physique, strength, and workout form.

After having participated in the 30 Day Challenge, I have noticed a huge improvement in my upper body and core strength.  My arms, core, and lower body are now leaner with more muscle definition.  I started noticing major differences after the first week of the challenge.  She has also given me great nutrition tips that have inspired me to change some things about my diet that were not consistent with my health goals.  I would suggest Ashley's classes and/or expertise to anyone!  


OHSU Dental Student/Dentist